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When we are not working on our blog discussions about the power of images and lost voices, Labragirl is busy making movies. All of our films look to explore lost histories and bring missing voices to the silver screen.

Lights! Camera! Action!


Now that Spring Training is well underway, we here at Labragirl think that it’s time to talk baseball!

In addition to 6-4-3, our film about women in semi-professional and professional baseball, Labragirl is making a second baseball film—Lost Innings.

This movie explores the missing tales of the Indianapolis Clowns. In fact, Hank Aaron actually started his career with the Indianapolis Clowns

Aaron with the Indianapolis Clowns. {Click on image link for source info.}

Labragirl’s Creative Director talks about why Labragirl has decided to focus so heavily on baseball movies.

Stay posted for more updates about Labragirl’s upcoming Lost Innings & 6-4-3 shoots.

Interested in Lost Innings or 6-4-3?  We’d love to chat with you.

Would you like to help bring one of these baseball films to the silver screen?  Interested in becoming a film sponsor?

If so, contact the Labragirl production team at production@labragirlpictures.com


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