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When we are not working on our blog discussions about the power of images and lost voices, Labragirl is busy making movies. All of our films look to explore lost histories and bring missing voices to the silver screen.

Lights! Camera! Action!


In addition to our baseball film 6-4-3, Labragirl Pictures is producing the historical film Rocky Beginnings.

This film tells the story of early American Pioneers as they traveled across the country to ultimately settle in the Rocky Mountain region. The goal of this movie is to reinvigorate modern discussions about Westward Expansion and the development of the American identity.

Interviews with Colorado Pioneer families.

An interview with a Colorado Pioneer family member.

Stay posted for more pictures from Labragirl’s upcoming Rocky Beginnings shoots.

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Would you like to help bring Rocky Beginnings to the silver screen? Interested in being a film sponsor?

If so, contact the Rocky Beginnings production team at rockybeginnings@labragirlpictures.com


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