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In addition to creating conversation about the power of images, Labragirl Pictures is dedicated to bringing lost voices and histories to the silver screen. Consequently, all of the films that we are currently working on bring new perspectives, lesser known stories, or ignored voices to cinematic life. So, in this series of “Lost Voices” blog posts, we will talk about films that explore untold stories or that introduce new perspectives.

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Malcolm X, 1993

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In 1992, Spike Lee’s Malcolm X brought an important voice back to the public sphere. Clearly, in his time, this passionate Civil Rights leader was a household name. However, with the passing of time, Malcolm X and many of the other Civil Rights leaders’ names faded from popular culture discussions.

Malcolm X Movie Trailer

In fact, during my years teaching history I was consistently amazed by the number of students who had not heard of Malcolm X and/or did not know of his role in the Civil Rights Movement. Malcolm X brought the story of an important Civil Rights Leader back into the public sphere, allowing us a more robust image of this pivotal time period in American history.

Denzel Washington as Malcolm X. {Click on image for source information.}

What do you think about Spike Lee’s portrayal of Malcolm X?

What do you think of the movie?

How does Lee’s portrayal of Malcolm X shape the way we understand the Civil Rights Movement?

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